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Closed in Coldwater

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Excellent espresso drinks (Latte, Mocha, Macchiato, Americano, Cappuccino), brewed coffee, desserts, and sandwiches are available in the cafe. You may order frozen drinks, Italian sodas, Chai lattes, or select from 15 fine quality teas. The cafe provides catering for elegant parties in the Abram C. Fisk home or will deliver to your location.


We are an artisanal coffee roaster that roasts the world's best Arabica coffee beans in small batches. We are very selective. All coffees are roasted and cupped prior to ordering. We approve and order one coffee for every twenty to thirty coffees that we cup. This guarantees that only the finest specialty coffees are purchased and roasted for our customers.


There is nothing like a homemade dessert. Homemade pies, including cherry, apple, blueberry, peach-rhubarb, and pumpkin eggnog praline pies are available by the piece or as whole pies.These pies are monster 10 inch pies with 10-12 cups of fruit. They weigh over 5 pounds. If you prefer New York style cheesecake, ours is one of the best. We also have excellent brownies, muffins, scones, crumb cake and many varietes of pound cake.


We cater for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and parties. Enjoy an elegant meal in the historic Abram C. Fisk home, or have us deliver homemade quiche for breakfast, coffee and desserts for your party, or celebrate with a multi-course prime rib dinner. Experience the luxury of great food prepared just for you.


Blue Hat Coffee seats 35-40 in our elegant Italianate home. We feature excellent coffee that is roasted on-site, homemade bread for our sandwiches, and made from scratch soups.

During the restoration and building process, several black walnut and hard maple trees were cut. All of the tables and cabinetry in the serving and dining areas are made from the lumber from those trees.


Blue Hat Gallery features handcrafted jewelry, paintings, photography, metal work, and ceramics. These works of art are displayed throughout the home. Artist Nancy Johnson's acrylic paintings are shown here.


Blue Hat Gallery features jewelry
by Catherine and Phillip Jewell. Catherine is a certified gemologist and an experienced jewelry instructor. Handcrafted jewelry by several nationally known artisan jewelers is also available.

Iron Work

Ironwork artist, Joel Sanderson, uses a 19th century forge and 100 year old industrial metalworking equipment to create breathtaking works of art in iron. He is based in Quincy, Michigan. Joel's work includes tables, mirrors, architectural railing, lighting, and sculpture.


Handmade pottery has a lustre and inner glow that defines beauty. Each piece is an original work of art that features the creativity, individuality, and genius of each potter. Shown here is a handbuilt teapot by Posey Bacopoulos and three elegant Japanese style vases by husband and wife team Mikio Matsumoto and Cheryl Costantini.

Abram C. Fisk

Abram C. Fisk built his home on 160 acres of property that he received as land grants. He built his stately home between 1840 and 1850. His Morgan horses were sold in the United States and Europe.

During the Civil War, Branch County donated more horses to the Union Army than any other county in the country. Two hundred horses were given to the county's Loomis Battery. Only one of those horses survived the war. Blue Hat Coffee's name is a historical reference to the Union soldier's blue hats.

Rack Track

Abram C. Fisk's estate, Maple Park, included a full training race track that encircled the main house. It is believed that the dirt for the track was brought in from Kentucky. The track was lined with hard maple trees. Several of those trees still exist today and can be seen in the front yard of the home. The windows on the second floor of the home are French windows. This allowed viewers to sit on the porch roof and watch the horses train and race. The back of the track could be viewed from the cupola.


Branch County, Michigan was widely known as a center for horse breeding during the mid-nineteenth century. Abram C. Fisk and several other country residents bred and raised many great horses. Fine Morgan blood horses were imported from Vermont, Massachusets, Kentucky, New York, Canada, and England. These superior horses allowed county residents to breed and sell horses at high prices, which led to a great increase in wealth for the county's residents.

Underground Railroad

The Old Saulk Trail, now US-12, was one of several Michigan Underground Railroad routes. The Abram C. Fisk estate was located on the Old Saulk Trail just outside Coldwater, Michigan. Abram C. Fisk and his siblings were known abolitionists. It is rumored that the Fisk home was an Underground Railroad shelter.